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Elevation of a project taken from Revit

BIM  : Building Information Modelling 
What is it?

In short, it’s a bit of a game changer.
The construction industry is widely known for delivering projects late and over budget with the finished product not quite working properly. BIM aims to introduce effectiveness and efficiency through a more planned and predictable approach to both building design and operation.
How it works?  

BIM is a collaborative method of working using one digital model which everyone can view and understand.
It is a means by which information can be modelled and managed in a team environment and one in which all team members should work to the same standards.
This means all of the information about the building and every component in that building is available in one place. It’s a system which aims to go beyond simple production of construction information but rather one which encompasses the whole process from concept to construction to completion and ultimately building use. One major benefit being that different aspects of the design can be easily co-ordinated and integrated leading to faster production, less mistakes and ultimately, cost saving.
BIM can help us to save money but also carbon by carrying out embodied carbon calculations, linking energy costs to carbon outputs and ultimately reducing wasteful processes. Adoption of BIM is now mandated in the UK as of April 2016, this effects all Government funded projects which are required to be Level 2. Level 2 represents the sharing of digital based models which can be easily and seamlessly layered together allowing clashes to be identified.

​BIM ‘awareness’ is great but BIM ‘enabled’ is the real target and we at WHP are very pleased to currently be working at a number of projects at Level 2 at both pre construction and actual construction stage.

Visual of Woodside Health Centre taken from Revit, a BIM platform
Buildings Information Modelling workspace